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Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

Creating World Class Organizations

We inspires, enables and supports leaders to achieve excellence
and build world-class organizations
Building essential foundation to
achieve & Sustain 
Business Excellence
  • We strive to transform every leader to become extraordinary leader and every organization to achieve excellence.

  • Excellence is build top down and never delegated to a department for implementation.

  • When a leader succeed and become extraordinary, everyone succeed as well the organization

  • Our principles, approaches and tools help leaders manage and drive their organizations to achieve world class results.

  • Innowex is recognized provider of Consulting services, professional development and training for private, public, not-for- profits and government entities.

Our Services



Expert guidance to align organizational activities to goals, monitor progress, address barriers, and maximize the effectiveness of business processes.

Innovation & Excellence

build Innovation and excellence ecosystem using Baldrige / EFQM / KAQA frameworks to build superior and sustainable organizations


Deliver high quality Leadership and Professional development training programs and workshops

Customer Experience

Develop excellent customer experience through Operational & Service Excellence to delight customers and create loyalty

Become the Benchmark in your industry 
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  • Leadership Excellence: Develop your capacity as a leader at any level to achieve personal excellence .

  • 100% Implementation: Go beyond knowledge transfer. We set you up for 100% successful implementation.

  • People Excellence: Develop a culture of high performance and prepare employees to succeed 100% of the time.  

  • Process Excellence: Design and develop processes that are easy to manage and operate at globally superior levels. 

  • Sustainable Principles: Lead the excellence journey with confidence through continuous sustained improvements


We provide a different way of thinking and proven techniques that lead to your next best step toward operations excellence

What people say about us

Abdulrahman Almotawa
AVP. International Islamic Charitable Organization IICO

I attended many training programs, courses and workshops, and this program is one of the most important programs that had a sustainable impact in my professional life. Invest in this program for you and the employees of your organization, as it is an investment whose return will appear on the participant and will be reflected on his organization

Mohammed Alzabidi
CEO, Albir Society, Almudhleef

I am fortunate to have joined the World Class Results Program. An exceptional program in all its details, which made us reconsider our thinking strategies to reach, within days, a complete belief that excellence is not just tools that are applied or indicators measuring the evaluation of the exit only, but an effective message that directs all the work of the organization with high professionalism, designing services and processes that are easy to manage to achieve 100% customer happiness 100% of the time under 100% of working conditions and pressures.

A professional program that changed our ideas and generated within us a love for excellence and a great passion to achieve it according to your professional standards

Morris Baker
CEO, Goodwill

This is second time attending this workshop, It helped us understand how to build our brand standards and identify the drivers to reinforce it. Many of our staff attending this practical program as we strive for excellence.

Some of Our Clients

We serve clients from all types of industries, Our services and solutions fits all types of organizations

Our Friends and Partners

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Up coming 2024 programs

Achieving World Class Results

May 27th, 2024

Monday, 5:00PM


Achieving World Class Results

Aug 5th, 2024

Monday, 5:00PM

Registration open

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