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Stop blaming your employees

If process management is the foundation for any improvement and successful transformation then stop blaming the employees and focus on your processes, no employee can outperform the capacity of the existing system, if your work system has broken processes, no targets and unclear responsibilities then your people will not be able to achieve anything more than what they're producing now.

When a good employee meets a bad process, the bad process will always win, no exception. Building the right processes with clear targets and responsibilities is the management responsibility, this means the performance of your department, division or even the whole organization is a reflection of its management capacity and capability not the staff.

You need to focus on developing effective and efficient processes in the organization and then train the employees to use these processes every time and all the time in order to achieve the required results and level of services.

One final point, Developing these processes can't be done by external consultants alone, it has to be built by and with the people who own these processes and work on it on daily basis in order to be deployed properly, managed effectively and improved on a continuous basis.

Mohammed Alomairy, PhD. MBA, MSIE, CLSSBB, PMP.

Innovation & Performance Excellence Researcher, Consultant & Judge.

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