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2017 Resolutions for Managers

Are you a manager or a senior leader and wants 2017 to be the year of change for your department or your organization? Do you want to improve your staff productivity and increase your department/organization performance to achieve better results and sustain your business?

Guess who needs to change first in order to introduce any improvement in your organization? You, yes you as a manager or as a senior leader in the organization need to change first and before anyone else. If you want to become a great manager/leader this year, you need to be willing to do what average managers/leaders are not willing to do. It's your choice, if you keep doing what you've been doing all times then you will get the same old results. Based on many of the organizational assessment I've done over the years, I have noticed a positive correlation between the leadership performance and the overall organization's performance. The higher the leader's performance the better the overall organization's results, Great leaders consistently produce far better results than those of average leaders. The good news is becoming a great leader is not about working harder or putting extra hours, it's about doing the basics at an extraordinary level.

If your employees don't feel comfortable coming and talking to you then it's your responsibility to change and become more approachable, remember great leaders are good at listening to people. If you don't have a clear vision/mission it's your responsibility to create one, having a clear vision/mission brings focus, reduces frustration and aligns people efforts across the organization. If your organization doesn't have clear defined processes, then it's your responsibility as a manager/leader to develop these processes and train staff to follow them all the time, process management is the foundation for any improvement. If you don't know how good your department or your organization is doing, then it's your responsibility to measure your work processes outcomes and results to produce useful data to help you understand your current performance level and trend, Remember what gets measured gets done.

Improvement is a positive change and it is the responsibility of the management, As a manager/leader, you are the one who should introduce the change however, to make it effective you need to start with yourself first.

Mohammed Alomairy, PhD. MBA, MSIE, CLSSBB, PMP.

Innovation & Performance Excellence Researcher, Consultant & Judge.

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